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... intelligent linear guide ...

... intelligent linear guide ...


With smart DryLin®, predictive maintenance is a reality. The intelligent linear guide autonomously monitors its use. If isense DL.W (intelligent sensor module) recognizes that a failure due to wear is likely, the operator is automatically informed. Machine availability rises while maintenance costs decrease.
For the world's largest construction kit for linear guides with gliding plastic components, there are already numerous configurations for calculating service life. The data for the calculation come from the igus® test laboratory. In an area of more than 29,000 sq ft, approx. 15,000 tests with bearings are performed every year. The results are incorporated into the igus® database, thus forming the basis for service life calculation and continuous improvement of the products. With its new smart plastics, igus® is now taking the next steps for even more protection against sudden, unexpected failures.
Cost reduction thanks to:

Predictable maintenance

Prevention of unplanned down-times

Optimal machine availability

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