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e-tubes that are openable at both ends, available in new sizes and with more accessories

R2.1 ... sealed… cost-effective ...

Very easy to open, openable end caps

Low noise operation due to integrated brakes

High chip sealing

Unsupported lengths longer than comparable R2 e-tubes

High stability through double stop system

Cable-friendly due to smooth interior

Enclosed KMA, easy to open and close

Integrated positional system 2.5 mm

Part No. Inner height Outer height Inner width
System E4.1
R2i.26.Bi.R.0 26 36 50,751 Bi + 16 060 Request
R2.26.Bi.R.0 26 36 501 Bi + 16 060 Request
R2i.40.Bi.R.0 40 54 501,75 Bi + 16,2 080 Request
R2.40.Bi.R.0 40 54 751 Bi + 16,2 080 Request
R2i.48.Bi.R. 40 54 1151 Bi + 16,2 080 Request
R2.75.Bi.R.0 75 90 1111, 1631, 2001 Bi + 24 130, 150, 200, 250 Request
from December 2017


Chip ingress test in igus® laboratory, Cologne. An R2.1 e-tube was compared with the best sealed igus® RX e-tube (IPtested)


Strain relief inside or outside of the chain cross-section. Relieve cable strain easily, even for enclosed tubes

Part No. Number of slots Quick-Separator Notch separator Full-width shelf
R2i.26/R2.26.Bi.R.0 1 R2.26.5 R2.26.2 3200.width
R2i.40/R2.40.Bi.R.0 3 R2.40.5 R2.40.2 3200.width
R2i.48.Bi.R. 3 R2.48.5 R2.48.2 3200.width
R2.75.Bi.R.0 5   75.5  

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