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Save 50% assembly time*: Simplified assembly, while increasing stability - now available from stock for many series

Injection-moulded bottom clamps for fast attachment

The design of the "lean separators" introduced in 2017 has now been improved further. Thanks to a reinforced back, assembly and removal have become considerably easier and better. The insertion of shelves in layers from the front remains unchanged and the assembly time* is still reduced by up to 50%.
Advantages at a glance

New: improved and reinforced design for easier assembly and disassembly

Several layers of cables fitted quickly

Reduce installation time by up to 50%

Lean separators Shelf is used in the lean separator.

Part No. For the following e-chains®/e-tubes
E4.21.12 E4.21
E6.29.12 E6.29/E61.29
31.12 E4.31L
35.12 2600/2700/2680
38.12 E2.38/E4.38L
R2.40.12 R2.40/R2i.40
E6.40.12 E6.40/R6.40
42.12 E4.42/P4.42
45.12 3400/3500/3480
48.12 E2.48/E4.48L
R2.48.12 R2.48/R2i.48
56.12 E4.56/P4.56
64.12 E4.64L
80.12 E4.80/P4.80/E6.80/15050/15150
112.12 E4.112

Install separators in energy chain

Install lean separators Lean separators are installed in energy supply to separate cables vertically.
Install lean separators The shelf is plugged into separators in the front to separate cables horizontally from each other.

Typical application areas:

Crane technology (Indoor/Outdoor)

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Plant construction

Linear robots

Material handling

Mining industry

Steel mills

Part No. For the following e-chains®/e-tubes
CFU.64.V 3400, 3450, 3480, 3500, R68, R167/168, E2.48, E4.48L/R4.48L, E4.42/H4.42/R4.42, E61.52, E6.52, R6.52  queries

Typical application areas:

Crane equipment (indoor/outdoor), automated storage and retrieval systems, plant construction, gantry robots, material handling, mining, steelworks

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