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DST-JGRM heavy-duty lead screw nut

Robust and with conventional connection sizes

The new type of the DST-JGRM series with optimized injection-molded design is the robust alternative to a lead screw nut with flange. It is characterised by connection sizes and pitches that are identical to those of standard ball screw nuts. The special design enables easy installation and is especially suitable for radial loads. For high axial loads, the JGRM lead screw nut is also available with a stainless steel plate.

  • Connection sizes and pitches identical to those of standard ball screw nuts
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free due to iglide® J high-performance polymer
  • Cost-effective through plastic injection moulding
  • Robust and strong design
  • Available in 2 installation sizes for threads in ø 14/16 and 18/20

Also available as "heavy duty" version with stainless steel plate! 

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Heavy-duty nuts

Tech up

  • Newly designed lead screw nut with patented high-helix thread geometry
  • Connection sizes identical to conventional ball screws
  • Robust new design with secure front-end fixation in the housing
  • As heavy-duty version with metal plate for high static axial loads

Heavy-duty nuts

Cost down

  • Cost-effective type, optimised for injection moulding
  • Variable design for all thread sizes Ø 14/16 and 18/20
  • Alternative to metallic ball screw nuts

Heavy-duty nuts


  • Easy installation due to thread centering spigot and 4 M6 cheese-head screws
  • Service life can be calculated online
  • The heavy-duty version with stainless steel plate can cope with 30% higher static axial loads than threaded flange nuts with the same threads

Heavy-duty nuts


  • Low weight and inertia thanks to plastic instead of metal
  • Noise reduction due to rounded thread flanks
  • No lubrication, absolutely clean in use
  • Long-lasting use due to patented asymmetry

Assembly example


Heavy-duty nuts
Heavy-duty nuts
Heavy-duty nuts

More reliability for high axial load

This is why we have developed the "heavy duty" version

For higher axial loads, a heavy-duty version of the JGRM type is also available. The flange size of the heavy-duty JGRM lead screw nuts remains identical. The plate is fitted before the JGRM lead screw nut. Due to the stainless steel plate, the contact surface for force dissipation is enlarged as the screw heads no longer come into contact with the plastic. This version withstands axial loads up to 6MPa.
The heavy-duty version is perfect for applications with very high static loads that are not very dynamic, e.g. format adjustment. It is also available in two different sizes for threads in ø 14/16 and 18/20.

  • 1/3 more surface pressure 
  • Up to 6MPa
  • Available in 2 installation sizes for threads in ø 14/16 and 18/20

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Heavy-duty nuts

Application Assistance

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