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More products and ideas for your applications

Double flange bearing

iglide® MKM

  • Easy installation
  • Simple flanging
  • "Right" thrust surfaces on both sides
  • And, of course, the known iglide® advantages: Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, high wear-resistance, etc.
    Applications in door and multiple-joint hinges.

    Double flange bearing

    iglide® MDM

    When the 2nd flange is necessary not only for the axial safety, but also for the "right" thrust surface.
    Typical application in seat and convertible top systems and multiple-joint hinges.

    Clip bearings

    iglide® clip bearing

    The solution when rough tolerances of the housing bore should be separated from the inner Ø fit. Classic bushings refer to the tolerances of the bore always in the inner Ø. iglide® clip bearing compensates tolerances of the housing extensively from up to +/- 0.2 mm .

    Clip bearings

    iglide® clips2

    The solution for simple mountings, perforated sheet housings.

    Axial safety guaranteed by the 2nd flange

    Simple installation by wrapping - Excellent suitability for automated processes and large volumes

    Typical applications in seat systems.
    Advantages: Quiet operation, high surface pressures up to 1,160 psi, can be produced in iglide® G300, iglide® GLW and iglide® M250

    Clearance-free pretensioned bearing bushing

    iglide® JVFM

    The clearance-free, pre-stressed bearing bushings now with axial and radial tolerance compensation from up to 0.3 mm. Thereby the rattling noise is reliably avoided, and low-cost, light-weight tubes with rough tolerances or even plastic shafts made of PA66GF or PPS GF materials can be used.
    Typical applications can be found in pedal systems.

    Clearance-free prestressed bearing

    iglide® JVSM

    Clearance-free pre-stressed bearing. The rattle-free bearing enables a tolerance compensation of up to 0.2 mm. Typical applications can be found in pedal systems - here inaccurate shafts made of plastic or even simple tubes with rough tolerances can be used.

    Angle spherical

    igubal® low-cost angle joint

    Ball pins made of plastic or metal can be easily joined in the igubal® housing pad. By the pad's special design, the holding force is much higher than the joining force. Further advantages are the maintenance-free dry operation and the clearance-free design.
    Typical applications: Gas shock absorbent, tailgate, switching kinematics, suspension arm

    Double spherical bearings

    igubal® double spherical bearings

    A mechanical connector between two components, which compensates misalignment's by itself and thus implements synchronous movements. Variable actual dimensions of 25 mm to 200 mm, shaft diameters of 4 mm to 12 mm and models turned 90° are available.
    Typical applications: Convertible top box, switching kinematics, pedal system

    Three-piece telescopic system

    drylin® N - Telescope system

    Novel full extension with three-piece design. Completely dispenses with connectors and small parts. Low cost, corrosion-free, lightweight and space-saving solution for the mounting of push trays.

    drylin® N low profile guide system

    drylin® N low profile guide system

    Linear guide with low installation height, glide pad made of iglide® J, glide rail made of anodized aluminum. Pre-stressed and low-clearance model possible. Advantages: Maintenance-free dry operation, corrosion resistance, low weight, special designs possible. Suitable as simple "drawer guide" for center arm rest, push trays, cup holders, pull-out trunk floors, seat systems, etc.

    Maintenance-free, self-lubricating linear glide systems in, among other things, center arm rest, trunk floors or cup holders. Substitute for telescopic rails with ball bearings. Advantages:

  • Low installation space
  • High stiffening
  • Simple installation
  • Special design with stop dog + silicon brakes possible

  • energy chains® and flexible cables

    Energy supply chains and flexible cables

    Completely assembled energy chains, e.g. for sliding doors in vans and SUVs, guarantee power supply of the door even in the open position. "Corkscrew effects" are excluded by the use of special, flexible igus® chainflex® cables. Here igus® offers tailor-made and assembled solutions, which access 40,000 individual components in our product range.

    Safe and flexible energy supply for sliding doors with permanent power supply, seat and convertible top systems, trunk floors and extendable spoiler. Advantages:

    Interference-free electric connection

    Quiet running

    Technology tested a million times.

    Simple, subsequent insertion of pre-assembled cables

    Quick development of vehicle-specific special solutions