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Extender crossbar increases the inner height up to 145 mm – E4.1 light

… enormously variable … enlarged …

A clamp crossbar increases the inner height of the chain series E4.38L and E4.48L by 48.5 mm per side. The extender crossbars can be mounted in different ways: one-sided, both sides, alternated with standard crossbars or any combination of the above.

Suitable tor hoses with an outer diameter up to 137 mm

Swivelable on either inner or outer radius, swivelable on both sides

High crossbar retention force

Modular design, low cost

With optional noise dampers

Typical applications:Wood working machines, tool machines, air extraction systems, coating plants, general mechanical engineering

E. 438L E. 438L
E4.48L E4.48L

Possibilities for an extender chain Ordering number Ordering number
Extender crossbar on inner and outer radius E4.38L.XXXB48.R.0
Extender crossbar on inner radius H4.38L.XXXBZ48.R.0
Extender crossbar on outer radius E4.38L.XXXBE48.R.0
Extender crossbar and standard crossbars alternating H4.38L.XXXHB48.R.0
Extender crossbar and standard crossbars alternating on inner radius E4.38L.XXXHBZ48.R.0
Extender crossbar and standard crossbars alternating on outer radius E4.38L.XXXHBE48.R.0

Please add the part no with the required XXX Bi and bending radius R, for example E4.38L.100B48.150.0

Following widths available:
Bi: 100*, 125*, 137*, 150*, 162*, 175*, 187*, 200*, 212*, 225*, 237*, 250*, 262*, 275, 287, 300*, 312*, 325*, 337*, 350*, 362*, 375*, 387*, 400*, 100, 125, 150, 175
*available on request

Available ex stock

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