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Pre-assembled cable carriers used in placement machine application

Lab tested: cables for 400 million strokes in a pick-and-place machine for circuit board assembly

Coordinated, pre-assembled cable carrier systems are already a standard in many machines today and thus significantly increase the functional reliability of entire processes. This is also the case with Assembléon, a manufacturer of pick-and-place machines. Cables had to be found for a new machine series that were designed for at least 400 million strokes for the many extremely fast stroke movements. With chainflex cables, which were specially developed for semiconductor assembly in the world's largest laboratory for moving cables, the customer today benefits from minimal wear and tear and maximum reliability.

Customer Application Story:

  • What were the requirements?  With many extremely fast movements in the pick-and-place machine, the cables have to manage at least 400 million strokes.
  • Which products were used? readychain pre-assembled cable carriers, chainflex cables
  • What is the benefit for the customer?  With pre-assembled cable carriers, Assembléon saves time during assembly and has cables that are perfectly matched to the e-chain to reduce abrasion. The chainflex cables have been put to the test especially for placement machines in the largest test laboratory for moving cables.



The company Assembléon Netherlands BV has developed a new generation of fully automatic placement machines of the series iFlex T4, T2 and H1 with vision system. They can be used for small and large series. The SMD assembly takes place by robot on one or both sides in series quality for components from a size of 0402. The parts handling is between 51,000 (T4) and 12,000 (H1) per hour. The acceleration and speed are 35 m/s2 (y-axis) and 20 m/s2 (x-axis) on the one hand, and 2 m/s and 1.5 m/s on the other.

In short, there are many and extremely fast movements in the pick-and-place machine. On the one hand, a high level of placement accuracy is important, on the other hand, the process flow must be correct at all times. Waste and downtime must not occur. All components must be perfectly matched to each other for a long service life, including cables and cable routing. The countless motor, measuring system, data and camera cables in placement machines are often considered the weakest link in the process. To ensure that they can withstand the required service life of 400 million cycles, which is seven years of continuous operation, manufacturers with system expertise are required in this sector in particular.

Pick and place Assembled cable carrier systems and heavy-duty special cables ensure the functionality of the pick-and-place machines. 400 million strokes are required. (Image: Assembléon)
Assembleon The entire system is delivered ready to install, including strain relief, plugs and machine attachments made of stainless steel and carbon. Work specifications, documentation, assembly aids and a quality assurance check ensure that every system is in perfect condition.


Assembléon obtains the cable carriers and cables from us together in a package as re-assembled readychain energy supply systems.  This not only saves time during assembly. The sheath material of the cables is also perfectly matched to the gliding material in the chain to avoid abrasion. Specially developed conductor and shield materials also meet the electrical requirements to ensure durability, stability, functional reliability and service life. The entire system is delivered ready to install, including strain relief, plugs and machine attachments made of stainless steel and carbon.

In addition to the extensive documentation in production, the extensive quality assurance tests in the world's largest test laboratory for moving cables in Cologne are also responsible. Since the requirements in pick-and-place machines are so great, two test systems were specially implemented, which exclusively simulate the special requirements of the pick-and-place machines (further information on the test processes in our laboratory can be found below).

The entire range of available chainflex cables is used in the assembly machines. They range from motor, servo motor feedback, data to camera cables. There are at least twelve pieces, all of which have been specially made for the Dutch company. The stranding structure is tailored to the bending radii, the conductor material is a special in-house development and the UL issue was also met.

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