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Plastic plain bearings application in airplane wing design

plastic plain bearings on airplane wing

iglide® plain bearings improve airplane wing safety and lower cost of manufacture

German airplane manufacturer DFG was concerned with improving the flow of air through the airfoils of their airplane wings. For several reasons, they found iglide® plastic plain bearings as a great solution.

Part of the problem was that large jets generate “wake turbulences” which have effects several miles behind them. Therefore, large gaps between planes must be maintained to ensure safety.

New wing shapes can contribute toward narrowing these clearances and help to control air traffic more safely and effectively.

DFG found that to help with the new plane wing design, iglide® plastic plain bearings helped to control the airflow to decrease the gap times between planes. This solution saved DFG from having to incorporate custom-made products into the design, thus keeping costs down.

close-up plastic plain bearings on wing

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