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Plain bearings applied in suspension shocks on a bike

New bike shocks use plain bearings for their low wear rates, light weight, flexibility and to reduce costs

The iglide® RN56 plain bearing was applied to a novel design of bicycle suspension shocks.

To dampen impacts on bicycles, a shock absorber is used between the swing arm rear suspension and frame. Traditionally, this is a cylinder in which a piston moves backwards and forwards in linear motion. The problem is that this type of design can become expensive and add unneeded weight to the bike.

By applying a novel design featuring an individual element made of iglide® RN56 plain bearings as the core piece of the suspension shocks, the technical requirements could be achieved at clearly reduced costs.

The functions of the pistons and the plain bearing at the end of the damper are combined in a single injection-molded component. This is possible thanks to the excellent coefficient of friction and low wear of the iglide® RN56 material. Furthermore, the design allows the piston to be removed from the cylinder, which is of enormous benefit in folding bikes.

folding bike with new suspension shocks

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