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Plain bearings in a universal joint

plain bearing mount in universal joint

Plain bearings work free of clearance for several million cycles

The universal joint (pictured here), contrary to the common universal/cardan joint, needs to carry both axial push/pull forces and torsional forces. In order to achieve optimal function, all elements of the joint must function free of clearance. However, in this installation size, roller bearings cannot guarantee freedom of clearance. To ensure that the joint kinematics functioned properly, the designer used iglide® plain bearings for this mounting of a universal joint.

In order to attain a high holding time, it is imperative to compensate for the unavoidable wear of plain bearings without having to put up with the corresponding stick-slip effects at the same time. The iglide® plain bearings can be expected to work free of clearance for several million cycles as compared to the 200,000 cycles with roller bearings.

plain bearing mount universal joint

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