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Plain bearing use in disc valves

Plain bearings are a better solution than plastic bushings

A problem that is sometimes found in disc valves is when both halves of the housing are twisted toward each other. This can cause the axels to wear out. Furthermore, in disc valves with large nominal widths or in high process pressures, considerable forces can act upon the axle, which applies more pressure on the disc valves and causes a visible wear of the axles. For some years, certain manufacturers of disc valves have been using standard plastic bushings as plain bearings for the axles as a solution to this problem.

However, the few users who have encountered the above-mentioned problem insist on the application of plain bearings as the best solution. But, many users reject the solution of plain bearings as the installation time and costs increases with this solution. In the new design, the shafts feature a circumferential groove. The bearing is accordingly provided with a spring, so that the plain bearing can be mounted without tools and lock in on the shaft ends of the disk. This new solution thereby lowers the installation cost and time of plain bearings in the disc valve.

plain bearing mount in disc valve

Disc valve

Mounting of the valve flap with seal and plain bearing

plain bearing with spring in disc valve


Plain bearing with spring




Valve flap



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