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Examples for successful applications in the automotive industry

Seating systems

iglide® plastic bushings for car seating.

Door hinge bearings

iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in truck door hinges

Multiple-joint hinges

iglide® polymer bearings in multiple-joint hinges

Strap hinges

iglide® plain bearings in strap hinges.

Rear hatch hinges

iglide® plastic plain bearings in rear hatch hinges.

Pedal systems

iglide® J plastic bushings are used in automotive pedal systems.

Steering systems

iglide® plastic bushings for steering systems in utility vehicles.

Throttle valves

iglide® plastic bushings for throttle valves.

Variable intake systems

iglide® plastic bushings in variable intake systems

Gear actuator

iglide® H2 and H4 plastic bushings for gear actuators.

Belt tensioner

iglide® plastic bushings for car belt tensioners.

Stub axle bearing

iglide® plastic bushings for stub axles.

Driver's cab bushing

iglide® G300 and Z plastic bushings for hydraulic damper hinges.

Disc brake caliper bushing

iglide® plastic bushings can be used in disc brake calipers.

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