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Clean operation

Lubrication-free bearings for the packaging industry

A machine packaging hygiene cloths with a polyethylene fastening strap feeds packages over an adjustable toothed belt conveyor over cycles of 1.5 s.

High wear resistance

iglide® L280 are used in the packaging machine. One critical choice behind using them is that they are cleaner as they offer a lubrication-free, clean operation. They have especially low coefficients of friction and extremely high wear resistance. The coefficients of friction also do not increase with higher surface speeds, so it can achieve slightly higher surface speeds compared to other materials: for instance, up to 4.9 ft/s in rotational movements and up to 16.4 ft/s in linear motion. Due to this wear resistance, the bearing wear remains low in long-term applications with high speeds on hardened shafts.

lubrication free bearings Parallel format adjustment

No more misalignment

The iglide® L280 plastic bearing material is also used in the ball of a self-aligning igubal® flange bearing. The housing is made from igumid® G. These lightweight flange bearings offer high rigidity and wear resistance. They compensate for misalignment and edge loads. As they are lubrication- and maintenance-free, they can be considered for applications in which the installation site is less accessible, or (such as with this application) with special requirements regarding hygiene.

plastic bearings on rotary indexing table Rotary indexing table with toothed-belt conveyor passing below for application of the polyethylene lid.

Insensitivity to dust

The igus® drylin® linear bearings installed in the packaging machine run on high-performance plastic gliding elements, in contrast to recirculating ball bearing systems. iglide® J is used as the gliding element and is suitable for most applications due to its excellent wear and friction properties. The drylin® bearings are lubrication- and maintenance-free, insensitive to dust and low weight. They run with very low noise, withstand corrosion, carry high loads and withstand impacts or vibrations.

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