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Boat lift

Leading boatlift manufacturer uses plastic bushings

A leading boat-lift manufacturer based out of Florida uses iglide® plastic bushings on its lifts to remove boats from the water. The maintenance-free lifts are used by both residential and commercial marinas, as well as private owners.

There were a number of challenges to consider while searching for bearings to use, such as saltwater, mineral deposits, gunk—pretty much anything that floats in the water can get into the lift and affect its components.

iglide® P replaced bearing blocks which had required regular greasing. This task was extremely difficult for customers, and often unsafe—as this maintenance routine required boaters to climb on top of the unit. The grease also contaminated the water and was not an environmentally friendly solution.

Boat lift

Lubrication-free iglide® bearings eliminated the need for maintenance and no longer pollute the water with oil. They are also corrosion resistant. Depending on the boat lift, up to 20 iglide® P plastic bushings are used in the cable-winding drive shafts, which enable the up-and-down motion to fully raise a boat out of the water. iglide® P offers low moisture absorption, low wear, and a high load capacity—which is important, since the boat lifts can handle anywhere from 4,500 to 66,000 pounds with ease. iglide® P also withstands radial loads of up to 1,000 pounds apiece when the boat lift is in operation.

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