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Lubricant-free plain bearing technology

iglide® plastic plain bearings are lubricant-free, maintenance-free, low-cost and versatile. iglide® plain bearings are suited for automotive series or for custom machinery building, for submerged applications, for the food or tobacco industries, for extreme temperature and chemical resistance, or for simple sheet-metal feed-throughs: iglide® plain bearings always provide a solution - either from the catalog product range or as a customized plain bearing solution.

iglide® Bar Stock

Design with freedom using iglide® Bar Stock. Available as round material or mechanically finished special components – for prototypes, test specimens and small quantity requirements.

Piston rings in desired material and dimensions

Why complicate things when it can be done differently? Replace elaborately stamped PTFE tapes with a single clip-on guide ring, such as in lifting elements, control valves and fittings. We offer iglide® piston rings made of many different materials for a wide range of applications.

Polymer slewing ring bearing

iglide® PRT is a slewing ring bearing with the proven and tested advantages of the igus® polymer bearings. The glide pads made of iglide® J run absolutely free of maintenance and lubrication. The housing parts of slewing ring bearings are made of aluminum, and counter-running surfaces of iglide® J gliding elements are hard-anodized. All binding screws are made of stainless steel.

Lubricant-free linear bearings

drylin® linear bearings operate on glide pads unlike common recirculating ball bearing systems. Designed using wear-resistant and low friction igus® tribopolymers, drylin® linear bearings combine long life and low-cost in a wide range of applications. Available in 4 main geometries: drylin® R round shaft bearings which are dimensionally replaceable with recirculating and PTFE-lined bearings; drylin® T profile rails which are dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating linear slides; drylin® N low-profile systems for design in tight design constraints, and the popular drylin® W which promotes design flexibility and long lifetime. Completely configurable with online lifetime and application calculators drylin® linear bearings set the standard for linear plain bearing technology.

DryLin® lead screw and nut

Screw Drive and Trapezoidal Lead Screws

Available in a multitude of geometries, including zero-backlash, trapezoidal, and high-helix designs, drylin® SD lead screw nuts offer ideal solutions for applications requiring high-performance and long-life. Based on years of research on tribopolymers, drylin® SD screw nuts are designed to run without oil and maintenance, and are ideal replacements for bronze or other plastic nuts. drylin® SD lead screw nuts also offer the convenience of an online lifetime calculator and application tool, as well as a configurator enabling engineers to customize lead screws and nuts for their own application.

Lubricant-free drive technology

drylin® Slide Tables are maintenance-free and offered in both belt and screw drives for simple bolt-on assembly. Offering design flexibility and corrosion-resistance, they are also ideal as a low-cost solutions for reduced production and assembly time.

Polymer ball bearings

xiros® polymer ball bearings have revolutionized the ball bearing market. Where conventional metallic ball bearings are not expedient, many applications can be successfully implemented by their maintenance-free dry operation and the use of xiros® high-performance polymers.

Lubricant-free spherical bearings

The igubal® series provides developers with a complete system of self-adjusting bearing elements: Swivel heads, forked heads, flange bearings, pivot bearings and upright bearings. Self-adjusting bearings are easily mountable, adaptable to all angular ranges and have been used to replace special housings in many cases.