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Flexible forklift system prototype

Used for pallets, drums and boxes

This forklift system is designed to mechanically enclose and move loads of different sizes, weights and shapes. The load is grasped by several gripper arms, which flexibly adjust to the shape of the object. Fragile objects can also be moved, because the contact pressure is distributed equally over the entire surface.

This principle at work is based on fish fins, which is a biological example for self-adjusting structures. By lateral pressure against point, the fin arches towards the pressure.

In order to keep production costs and expenditure as low as possible, iglide® G and iglide® Q plastic bushings were chosen. They are not only maintenance-free, but also guarantee a stable and smooth movement of the gripper arms.

Elastic elements ensure the gripper device recovers its original structure after loading.

Besides transporting pallets, the forklift attachment can load and rotate drums and boxes without changing forks. This saves time and setup costs.

Another view of the prototype.

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