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iglide® G300 plastic bushings: Application examples

high load bushings iglide® G300 plastic bushings are reliable under high loads and wear resistant in continuously rotating applications.
heavy load plastic bushings In this application involving heavy loads and continuous movement, the wear was negligible.
Pneumatic rotary drive This pneumatic rotary drive uses iglide® G300 plastic bushings. It is used in steam pipelines at continuous temperatures of 275°F.
dirt resistant bushings Vibrations, dirt and temperatures reaching 266°F are just some of the conditions iglide® G300 bushings contend with in automotive engine compartments.
plastic bushing for conveyor chains iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in these conveyor chains despite short-term surface pressures up to 7,250 psi due to edge loads.
Pneumatic cylinders iglide® G300 was put to the test in these pneumatic cylinders which cover distances up to almost 10,000 feet.
plastic bushings for tractors iglide® G300 plastic bushings prove their worth in the control levers and pedals of farm tractors and construction vehicles.
Milling machine plastic bushing High amounts of dust occur in the exhaust valves of milling machines, but this is another application where iglide® G300 plastic bushings can be used without a problem.

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