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iglide® JATM/VATM - Defined glide pairing

iglide® JATM/VATM consists of a hard-anodized ring and a bearing ring made of iglidur® J (JATM) and iglide® V400 (VATM). These glide pairings fetch low coefficients of friction and high wear resistance - without lubrication.

Special features

Maintenance-free plain bearing system

For high service performances

High stiffening

Simple installation

Material: iglide® J

High temperature options VATM, iglide® V400

More dimensions and supplies on request

Determined wear rates and coefficients of friction of the axial bearing JATM

Figure 36.1: The diagram shows the influence of load (p in Mpsi) and speed (v in in/s) on the wear of the axial bearing.
Figure 36.2: In the test with different speeds (v) and loads (p) the coefficients of friction of the bearing systems were determined (v in ft/s, p in psi).

iglide® JATM, metric

d1 [inch]:


Dimensions [in]

Part No. d1
JATM-2036-070 0.79 1.42 0.28 1.18 0.12 81.49 USD Add to shopping cart
VATM-2036-070 0.79 1.42 0.28 1.18 0.12 26.67 USD Add to shopping cart
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