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Olympic-medal-winning mountain bike

Derailleur for high-tech mountain bikes uses plastic bushings

The derailleur of a world-class mountain bike guides and positions the bicycle chain accurately on the different gears. It uses iglide® G300 plastic bushings from igus® for this mechanism.

Cycling through water, mud, sand, and oil

The derailleur is subject to several harsh environmental agents, such as water, mud, sand and oil. Additional demanding factors include the mechanical stressing involved during jumps, for instance, and cleaning the bike afterwards with a steam blaster. Two iglide® G300 plastic bushings are seated in each of the four points of articulation on the derailleur. These enable a long service life fulfilling the demands of professional mountain bikers battling for medals.

The potential weight saving involved with plastic bearings is also an important factor for high-tech mountain bikes. Aluminum or brass bushings feature high friction and wear and low accuracy, whereas iglide® G300 bearings operate extremely precisely and are almost indestructible. The long service life offered by iglide® G300 is also highly favorable and can be calculated online using our Expert System.

plastic bushing mountain bike The winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 2004 Olympics were rding this mountain bike. iglide® G300 plastic bushings were able to cope with the exceptionally difficult terrain and extreme stressing involved.
plastic bushings on derailleur The derailleur gear for mountain bikes uses plastic bushings to great success.

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