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Plastic bushings for pipe organs

Plastic bushings for traditional instruments

Plastic bushings are used more and more in traditional organ building, where each organ is unique.

One workshop making traditional musical instruments uses plastic bushings for every pivoting and oscillating movement - as well as for every friction point - on its organs. The technical and economic benefits keep the workshop's customers satisfied.

Plastic bushings are silent and maintenance-free

iglide® J plastic bushings are extremely low wear when partnered with a wide range of shaft materials. They are also vibration dampening, chemical resistant and absorb very little moisture. These low-cost bushings have a low coefficient of friction, are dry running, and are particularly well suited to soft shafts. No disturbing rattling noises can be heard at all. The plastic bushings operate seamlessly despite the constantly fluctuating environmental conditions in a church, for example. Moreover, the bearings are lubrication-free, so any kind of maintenance regime can be completely dispensed with.

Plastic bushings in pipe organ Bearings are used throughout the entire organ.

Bearings offer lubrication-free operation

igubal® plastic rod end bearings and clevis joints are completely lubrication-free and are often used in traditional organ building. The plastic bearings are installed dry and do not need to be impregnated with oil. They have excellent vibration dampening properties and are insensitive to dirt and dust. They are lightweight and save purchasing and maintenance costs.

Clevis joints for pipe organs igubal® clevis joint bearings encased in wooden housings

The reduced installation time factor helps reduce costs. Moreover, the bearings offer a longer service life.

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