drylin® Q square rails

A self-lubricating, lightweight and dirt-resistant system

drylin® Q is a non-supported bearing system offering torque resistance along the axis of travel. The rails are hollow and made of hard-anodized aluminum, making them very light and ideal for the installation of supply lines or cables. The carriage is engineered with self-lubricating sliding elements and includes numerous fastening options on all sides.  drylin® Q square rails can be used in lab/liquid handling devices as well as the packaging and furniture industries.


  • Self-lubricating – no external lubrication required
  • Torque resistant
  • Dirt resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable carriages available
  • Vibration damping
  • Quiet operation
  • Mounting accessories available

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Square rail shaft

drylin® Q square rail shaft

  • Very light, hollow aluminum profile
  • Torque resistant
  • Mounting accessories available

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Linear carriage

drylin® Q linear carriage for square guide

  • Adjustable clearance
  • Various mounting options with slot nuts
  • Optional hand clamp

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Pillow blocks

drylin® Q pillow block for square guide

  • Easy assembly
  • Torque absorption: 3Nm or 10Nm (2.2 ft-lb or 7.3 ft-lb)
  • Maintenance-free sliding elements

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Why choose drylin® Q?

Torque-resistant square linear rail


The square design makes it possible for the carriage to resist moment loads

Various mounting options

More design flexibility

Various mounting options on all four sides of the carriage

High precision

High precision

Due to adjustable bearing clearance

Quiet and low vibration

Quiet and vibration damping

The design permits quiet and vibration damping operation

Flexible absorption of forces

Flexible absorption of forces

Allows loads from all directions

Resistant to dirt

Resistant to dirt

Self-lubricating sliding elements resist dirt and reduce maintenance costs

Accessories for square rails

  • Plastic end supports
  • Adapter kit for grippers and sensors
  • Adapters for series E2 micro e-chain®

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Accessories for drylin® Q square guide