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Chemical-resistant cables

chainflex® solutions with five different levels of chemical-resistance

chainflex® cables from igus® perform in virtually all environments. Our solutions are extremely resistant to chemicals, such as alkali, acid, alcohol and fuel, among others. If the cables in your application are slightly or fully exposed to harsh chemicals, chainflex® technology is highly recommended and come with a 36 month guarantee
The chemical-resistance table below lists the substances that chainflex® can handle, and the cable selection table shows our range of options with corresponding levels of chemical-resistances. The levels are listed one through five, one being the least resistant and five being the most resistant.  Visit the online shop to see all igus® cable options.

Chemical resistance | Selection chart

Chemical resistance table

Chemical resistance | Selection chart

chemical resistance table

Advantages of chainflex® cables

Resistant to the most damaging conditions

Resistant to the most damaging conditions

Many chainflex® cables are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as dirt, oil, and even electrostatic discharge

5 levels of chemical resistance

5 levels of chemical resistance

chainflex® cables are designed to be resistant to many different chemicals. See more in this chemical resistance selection chart.

Quality tested in the 29,600 sq. ft. lab

Quality tested in the 29,600 sq. ft. lab

All chainflex® cables are tested for millions of cycles in our test lab at our headquartes in Cologne, Germany.

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