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Concrete manufacturing

No failure for 10 years

A manufacturer based in Texas manufactures and distributes custom-designed routers for a slew of different cutting applications. One of the main product lines is a five-axis CNC router available in four main styles.

It was reported that the cables employed in these five-axis routers were breaking and causing downtime for end users.

As a result, finding a new cable supplier became a priority. The cables had to be able to withstand heavy-duty applications, and at the same time possess a high degree of flexibility.

chainflex® continuous-flex cables from igus® were the perfect fit. They successfully eliminated the cable breakage some end-users were experiencing.

A field engineer working for the company attested:

“chainflex® was by far the best when looking at quality verses price. We have reduced maintenance and downtime for our customers because of the flexibility of igus® cables.

“As of yet, we haven’t had to go into the field to replace chainflex® and our customers are enjoying the worry-free operation of our machines.”

CNC router

Three different types of chainflex® cable are used. Data encoder cable CF11 is used to transmit data signals to different parts of the router, CF31 is used to supply power to the motor, while CF140US is used for power on larger motors.

The company intends to continue using igus® cables in all its CNC routers.