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Leather-cutting machine

Cable problems solved with Igus® chainflex®

This furniture manufacturing plant has disk-sawing machines, material-cutting machines, and more.
Cables have to be flexible enough to cope with 14-hour work days.

One leather-cutting station had problems for several years.

"There were problems with the machine right from the start. We had to replace the cables every two months," explains the technical director.

A cable replacement meant up to one day of downtime: "Detecting the failure, pulling out the cable, and putting one back in was never simple.”

continuous flex cable Wherever there are cables in permanent motion on this furniture-factory floor - like in this stacking machine, for example - they have been retrofitted with chainflex® continuous flex control cables.

Prevent expensive cable breakages

Even though the bend radius of the cable carrier in this machine was very small and there remained little space for the cables, a huge increase in service life was predicted if the furniture manufacturer switched to chainflex® CF9 control cables.

The prediction paid off. Now, as soon as any original cables in the company’s machines and facilities do not meet the service engineers' expectations, they are immediately retrofitted with continuous flex cables from the chainflex® range.

Flexible cable on furniture manufacturing machine Rapid movements: cable carriers and cables must withstand daily flexing movements without becoming damaged.

Stable braiding in bundles – not layers

chainflex® continuous flex cables have a complex, multi-stranded interior. They are braided in bundles so that the core stranding remains stable despite extreme bending.

The furniture manufacturer also uses igus® cable carriers. The cable carriers are implemented whenever the existing cable carrier supplied with the machine falls apart.

cable carrier and chainflex cables On average, a cable was replaced every two to three months somewhere or other on the furniture floor. Thanks to their bundle-stranded structure, chainflex® cables have excellent staying power.

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