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Example 6: tested! Selection from test results

Since 1989, we have been developing continuous-flex cables

Back then, many of our customers lost their faith in the solution with energy supply systems because the cables being used frequently failed. Core breakage, "corkscrews", jacket wear and breakage of the shields were substantial reasons for these failures.

Back then, cables frequently failed in cable carriers. Core breakage, corkscrews, jacket wear and shield breakage were caused cable failures and downtime. Our cable carrier customers were becoming increasingly disillusioned.

Our chainflex® product range was created out of this state of emergency. Due to the fact we knew little about cables at that time, we had only one choice:

Testing, testing, testing, testing, testing.

We almost always test our cables with a bending radius 30-50% less than the bending radius we mention in our catalog. We guarantee the quality requirement specified for our own products based on the sample tests carried out during the production process with at least 1 million reverse bending cycles. During the subsequent inspection, the cable must be completely intact and not one wire must be broken. Newly-developed types undergo considerably longer reverse bending processes in cable carriers before a new chainflex® continuous-flex cable series is released.

Extensive database

Test results Selection of test results from the igus®-own technical training center in Cologne for the year 2000.

Today, we have recourse to an extensive database with detailed information on the service life of our chainflex® cables, making it possible for us to give you the information you need for your application.

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