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vector award

...for inspiring energy supply chain systems with cables......induction and wireless...

Modern plastic energy chains are the umbilical cord of the automation, machine and plant engineering industries. These energy chains ensure the safe supply of energy, data, pulses and operating media and are always in motion. energy chains are suitable for multipurpose use in the crane and machine tool industries and in the robotics and clean room industries.

Gold vector 2008: Handling system ”roboLoop“

The ”roboLoop“ system itself offers manyways to optimise the fabrication sequences.

Silver vector 2008: High-speed camera positioning

The rail & Tracking systems are used whereverfast camera movements are an important factor as, for example, at sport competitions,but also at many popular events such as concerts, stage shows, etc.

OpenHydro tidal turbine

This OpenHydro tidal turbine generates electrical power through the inflow and outflow of water.

Mirror telescope

This telescope has been installed on theCanary Island of La Palma and registersthe gamma rays that strike the earth fromouter space.

Media elevator

A solution for media elevators previously unavailable in the market has now beenrealised with igus® e-chain systems®.

Fast-running gate for refrigerator rooms

The door systems in this application guaranteethat the temperatures prescribed for the productand storage of perishable products, such asfood, are strictly observed.

Mobile welding carrier

Because the intended place ofuse for the energy and the control system is variable and may be situated at a height of10 metres.

Gear-grinding machine

This application showed that a vertical stroke of more than one metre and a swivellingrange of 270° can be implemented in the limited installation space of the grinding headin a gear-grinding machine.

Injection moulding tool

Theenergy chain was installed on an injection moulding tool so thatno additional space is necessary in horizontal direction forthe unreeling movement.

Cable guide on the robot

In the case of this industrial robot, a rigid pipe between the 3rd and 6th axis wasreplaced by a multidimensional, flexible triflex® R energy chain.

Tunnel boring machine

Several igus® energy chains are used here, including one mounted vertically with a reverse bend radius.

Underwater boring machine

This drill is used in extremely demanding offshore environments and uses continuous-flex cables from igus®

Friction welding machine

For this application, aircraft engine parts arewelded together.

Laser measuring telescope

This laser distance-measuring telescopeuses four igus® energy chains of the triflex® R series.

”Virtu“ large-format printer

The ”Virtu“ large-format printer can be used to print almost anything: sheetmetal, foils, textiles, wood, glass, and, of course, also paper in widths up3.5 metres.

Cable guide on the robot

In the case of these robots, the hosepackage had to be replaced very fewweeks.

Sailboat engine ”Combiprop“

This newly developed stern thruster helps sailboats during difficult manoeuvres such as, for example, passages through locks;but because of its high performance, it can also be used as a main drive unit.

Medical simulator

Medical students and physicians can practise diverse vascular surgicalinterventions on this device.

Crash simulation robot

Very high accelerations proved an enormous challenge for the design engineers of this robot.

Furnace for the steel industry

This newly developed gas-fired furnace only requires onethirdof the usual time to heat up rollers in the steel industry

energy chain in the sawmill

Sawdust is also not a problem for igus® energy chains.

Inclined hoist

Almost daily failures of this inclined hoist in the URBIS art centre in the Manchester citycentre have become a thing of the past with the deployment of the igus® energy chain.

Adjustable speaker’s desk

This height-adjustable speaker’s desk is very flexible in its features.

Compact energy supply system

In the case of machine tools, thetrend is also going in the directionof compactness.

Robot for PCB handling

A multidimensional triflex® R cable carrier is used here to manage and protect the cables.

SCARA robot

The special feature of thisapplication is the hot chips produced during the machining process, which do not stick tothe igus® energy chain and therefore extremely reduce the maintenance expenditure as a result.

Vertical drilling machine

The cable carrier on this drilling machine must withstand extreme vibrations and dirt.

Pallet changer

In the case of this application, the worksafety was increased by integrating theenergy supply system into the body of thepallet changer.

Stronger in the circle

Until recently, you could not purchase a solution anywhere in the world for this application.


Extremely fast laser-welding-robot

Automatic gates

Cable carriers and continuous-flex cables for belt-driven automatic gates

cable carrier for large binocular telescope

After its completion, this giant telescope in Arizona(USA) will look deep into our universe; the two mainmirrors each have diameter of 8.4 metres.

Adhesive resin system

In the case of this adhesive resin system, a lifting platform moves upwardto a height three or four times a day to empty barrels with a volume ofapprox. 200 litres.

Sewage treatment plant

CNC grinding machine

Parts can be machined in one go with this new CNC grinding machinebecause it is equipped with two grinding heads on one rotating shaft.

Wafer handling

An System E6 energy chain cable carrier speeds up the wafer handling process in this chip production plant.

Measuring system for extruder

Measuring and regulating system in the area of blown film extrusion

Portal milling machine

This portal milling machine is used to manufacture points forrailway networks

Dismantling tool for nuclear power plant decommissioning

Dismantling tool for nuclear power plant decommissioning

Big-pack weighing system

In this application, foodstuffs are weighed for thepreparation of convenience food.

Spray-painting robot

In this paint-spraying machine, sensors aremoved over minimum space.

More applications from different sectors