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Milling centre

This application involves the swivelling head of a milling centre – it rotates through 90 degrees around the workpiece to be machined. This makes more flexible and faster machining possible with only one clamping process, making a significant contribution to cost reduction. The problem: the numerous lines that have to be routed to the milling head in an extremely compact space, as well as at accelerations of approx. 540 degrees per second and around 90 movements per minute. In addition, both energy chains had to be equipped with links that allow reverse bending. The solution: use of two e-chains® from igus® - of the type B15i and B17 - nested in one another They have a reverse bending radius which makes the required swivelling movement possible.
CHIRON-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Matthias Efinger, Tuttlingen, Germany

Milling centre

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