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Smoothly operating xiros® polymer ball transfer units

The xiros® ball transfer unit with its new interior design ensures smooth operation

Conveying without lubrication

We are adding a new version to our ball transfer unit product range. It operates much more smoothly than its predecessors. The dimensions should be identical to those of the metal counterpart so that we achieve the same installation heights at this point and can perform a one-to-one exchange. But the difference is in the use of lateral chambers that facilitate operation. Inverted installation also possible. Our new ball transfer unit is being used in material handling in every branch of industry where conveyor tables are used.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Lower friction and longer service life than those of the previous version
  • Reduce downtime

Cost down

Cost down

  • No added costs above those of the previous version



  • No lubrication necessary, so no environmental pollution
  • Our sustainability website

xiros® ball transfer units in testing

Why is the new xiros ball transfer unit better than its predecessor?

Ball transfer units in testing: new Version C vs. Version B

In a simple test that examines the smooth running of both ball transfer units when a small roller table is inclined by 10°  the new Version C beats its predecessor over a very short distance. The motion blur in the background also highlighted the much easier operation of the new Version C ball transfer unit.

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