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New material: xirodur® K180

xirodur® K180 material

No outgassing in vacuum

Our range of xirodur materials has a newcomer. The new xirodur K180 material is especially well-suited to autoclaving and coating applications, and its service life is longer than that of comparable xirodur materials. Other material properties are its resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures and its low media absorption. Various dimensions are available upon request.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Maximum water absorption: 0.4% weight
  • No outgassing in vacuum
  • Longer service life than comparable xirodur materials

Cost down

Cost down

  • 60% more cost-effective than comparable materials for applications in vacuum



  • No lubrication necessary, so no environmental pollution
  • Our sustainability website

Wear rate comparison

xirodur® K180 wear rate

Test results in [μm/one million rpm] for a duration of seven days and a load of 25N at 2000rpm/50N at 1000rpm:
xirodur B180:

  • 25N: 5.8
  • 50N: 4.7
xirodur C160:
  • 25N: 6.3
  • 50N: 9.4
xirodur K180:
  • 25N: 2.7
  • 50N: 1.5

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