Continuous condition monitoring with emergency shutdown

"Trust is good, control is better"

Advantages of condition monitoring i.Sense:

  • Increase in machine availability and maximum service life
  • Better error analysis thanks to
  • real-time machine data acquisition
  • Easy integration into Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory concepts
  • Elimination of unplanned downtime or machine failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs through early warnings
  • Realization of condition-based maintenance

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Products for condition monitoring of e-chain®

EC.P DMS Basic
  • Measures the push/pull forces on the e-chain
  • Recommends shutdown of the equipment if a force limit is exceeded
  • Detects chain breakage in the early stages
  • Prevents overloading and subsequent system failures
Complete system solutions
  • Complete system solutions for e-chain®
  • i.Sense components for condition monitoring
  • i.Cee components for predictive maintenance

Products for condition monitoring of chainflex® cables

Tensile force monitoring for cables CF.P
  • Measures the forces at the strain relief element
  • Triggers a shutdown by means of the NC contact if forces are excessive
  • Measures the quality of the cable cores
  • Sends a signal in the event of a core rupture or stops the system via a normally closed contact
  • Integrated in the cable, no extra measuring
  • Package losses are detected in real-time
  • Alarm via normally closed contact or network
Smart plastics iCee
Smart plastics iCee

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