Filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry

When filling ampoules, a triflex® R e-chain® increases the service life of a robot


  • What was needed: undefined
  • Requirements: high movement loads stressed the cables and led to cable ruptures. The task was to make the handling system operationally safe and also to bring it visually up to date. The number of free-hanging electrical and pneumatic cables should be bundled.
  • Industry: medical technology, pharmaceuticals
  • Success for the customer: the triflex R guides the countless electrical and pneumatic cables safely and compactly. Due to the round design, the energy supply system slides over the outer contour of the robot and cannot get caught or jammed. Defined minimum bend radii also significantly extend the service life.
triflex R robots



triflex R robots

The cables within the energy supply system are safely protected and can easily accommodate all movements.

triflex R robots

Pick-and-place robots also have very high accelerations due to their high speeds. With triflex R they are safely cushioned.

triflex R robots

Work in cleanroom conditions. The white energy supply system supports the "clean impression".

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10 tips for energy supply on the robot

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

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