iglide® plastics as bar stock

Stock bar made of engineering plastics  
Semi-finished products are now available in the form of self-lubricating, wear-resistant plastic bar stock

This means high quality, self-lubricating iglide® polymers can be machined into custom parts and special bearing sizes. This is ideal for maintenance managers, special purpose machinery manufacturers and plant builders who require high performance material components in non-standard dimensions, small quantities, or for test samples and prototypes.

The solid rod is available in high-quality iglide® materials not accessible anywhere else on the market as semi-finished products.

Anything machined from the bar stock automatically possesses the material properties attributable to all igus® plastics: self-lubricating, zero maintenance, dirt and dust resistance, low wear, low friction, and more. The machined plastic part will also have a predictable life when used as a bearing.

When to use it?

When you can't find the size bearing you need in the iglide® catalog

When you need a semi-finished product with excellent coefficients of friction and a low wear rate

When you need an iglide® bushing in custom sizes and low quantities

When not to use it?

When a standard iglide® bearing is available in the catalog in the right size

When you need an iglide® bearing in a custom size and in large quantities

When you need a semi-finished product and its tribological properties are not important.

Plastic bar stock news  

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Top 10 igus® innovations 2017

plastic bar stock lifetime calculation  

iglide® plastic bar stock

Lifetime calculation

Find the best solution for bar stock made of iglide® engineering high-performance plastic with accurate service life prediction.

Plastic bar stock  


Special parts from iglide® materials

Product finder for iglide® plastic bar stock

Product range of iglide® plastic bar stock

Plastic bar stock A160  

iglide® bar stock A160 - chemicals & food

Maximum chemical resistance and FDA compliant

Plastic bar stock A181  

iglide® A181 bar stock - the food all-rounder, FDA compliant

The food-grade material iglide® A181

Plastic bar stock A350  

iglide® A350 bar stock - FDA-compliant and resistant to wear at high temperatures

Also well suited for rotations and pivoting applications

Plastic bar stock F2  

iglide® F2 bar stock - ESD compatible

Used to prevent electro-static charges

Plastic bar stock H1  

iglide® H1 bar stock - high holding times

The first choice when high holding times are required in extreme environmental conditions.

Plastic bar stock J  

iglide® J bar stock – the fast-and-slow motion specialist

Versatile in continuous operation for soft shafts too

Plastic bar stock J tube  

iglide® J tube – the fast-and-slow motion specialist

Versatile in continuous operation for soft shafts too

Plastic bar stock J2  

iglide® J2 bar stock - versatile and low priced

Eco-friendly, good universal media resistance

Plastic bar stock J3  

iglide® J3 bar stock - low coefficients of friction

Improved wear resistance at low and medium loads and high speeds

Plastic bar stock J4  

iglide® J4 bar stock - wear-resistant and low priced

Low-cost material for long lifetimes

Plastic bar stock J200  

iglide® J200 bar stock - for anodized aluminium

The specialist for extremely low coefficients of friction and minimum wear on anodized aluminum shafts.

Plastic bar stock J260  

iglide® J260 bar stock - ideal for plastic shafts

The material iglide® J260 proves itself time and again where the maximum service life and excellent coefficients of friction are required under special application conditions.

Plastic bar stock J350  

iglide® J350 bar stock - high wear resistance in rotation

A superior bearing for rotary applications

Plastic bar stock M250  

iglide® M250 bar stock - vibration dampening

Excellent vibration dampening and ruggedness

Plastic bar stock P210 - impact resistant  

iglide® P210 bar stock - impact resistant

Versatile, rugged and universal

Plastic bar stock R  

iglide® R bar stock - low-priced material, low wear

Good abrasion resistance, low coefficients of friction in dry operation

Plastic bar stock T220  

iglide® T220 bar stock - for the tobacco industry

Free from undesirable and banned ingredients in the tobacco industry

Plastic bar stock UW160  

iglide® UW160 bar stock - KTW-compliant

Tribologically optimized for continuous use in liquid media.

Plastic bar stock L280  

iglide® L280 bar stock – the endurance runner

High holding times, for soft shafts too

iglide® T500 plastic bar stock  

iglide® T500 bar stock - 482 °F from stock

Withstands chemicals and temperatures up to 482 °F

bar stock JB  

iglide® JB - Extreme wear resistant - in black

iglide® JB is wear-resistant and because of its color, its perfect for manufacturing visible parts

iglide H  

iglide® H - For wet applications

Chemical resistance and suitable for temperatures up to +392 °F

iglide® A500  

iglide® A500 - Temperature and Chemical resistance

Resistant to temperatures from -148 °F to +482 °F

iglide® C500  

iglide® C500 - High resistance to media and temperature

Resistant to water vapour, good coefficients of friction and wear

iglide® RW370  

iglide® RW370 - Self-lubricating material, tested per DIN EN 45545

Complies with the European fire protection standard for rail vehicles

iglide® HSD350  

iglide® HSD350 - All purpose suitable for steam sterilization

Enables continuous use where hygiene is important, including regular sterilization

Bar stock plates  

iglide® J plate bar stock

iglide® plate material for free design: the Fast-and-slow motion specialist iglide® J.

iglide® A350 bar stock plates  

iglide® A350 bar stock plate

iglide® plate material for free design: FDA-complied and wear-resistant at high temperatures iglide® A350.

iglide® JB plates  

iglide® JB bar stock plates

iglide® JB is wear-resistant and because of its color, its perfect for manufacturing visible parts

3D printing filament  

iglide® tribo-filament for 3D printers

Maximum wear resistance with the iglide tribo-filament for 3D printers.

Sliding film  


iglide® in reels

For lining tribologically stressed areas and shapes in a variety of ways.


Questions for the specialists

iglide® materials supplied as a round stock bar or machined custom component. What can we do for you?

individual dimensions  

iglide® plain bearings in special dimensions

Just enter the required dimensions in our query and price calculation program. You'll immediately receive a suitable quotation from us.

Maintenance-free plain bearing  

iglide® plastic bushings

7,000 different types available from stock

Longer life at lower cost. Self-Lubricating and maintenance free!

Special parts  


The alternative for injection molded parts. All iglide® materials possible.

Other information

iglide® J plastic bushings: Material data

iglide® J - The fast- and slow-motion specialist

iglide® J plastic bushings: Material data    

iglide® L280 - Material data

iglide® L280 - The continuous runner for maximum holding times.

iglide® L280 - Material data    

iglide® A180 - Material data

iglide® A180 - Material data    

iglide® J350 - Material data

iglide® J350 - High wear resistance in rotation

iglide® J350 - Material data    

iglide® A350 - Material data

iglide® A350 - Table of general properties of materials

iglide® A350 - Material data    

Plastic bearings - applications overview

Applications from all over the world and various different industries.

Plastic bearings - applications overview    
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