Resistant to chemicals and highly abrasion-resistant during printing

... printed for chemical resistance ...

iglide® C210  

iglide® C210, the low-cost chemical bearing, is now available as an injection molded part as well as a filament, so now this material can also be processed with 3D print. The wear-resistant material is considerably more resistant to many acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide than most of the other 47 catalog materials from igus®.


Resistant to chemicals

Diameter: 1,75 mm and 3 mm

Suitable for any 3D printers

Table of materials

Genera l features
Density 1,40 g/cm3
Color purple
moisture absorption at 73 °F and 50 %r.h. 0,3 weight-%
Mechanical Properties:
Bending strength 5,511 psi
Bending elasticity module 232,100 psi
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature +100 °C
Max. short term application temperature +356 °F
Minimum application temperature -22 °F
Electrical Properties:
Specific forward resistance > 1013 Ω cm
Surface resistance > 1012 Ω

Product range, filament:

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Product range, film for print bed:

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Delivery times

from June


Thanks to the liner available from igus® for the print bed, there is very good adhesion between the iglide® Tribo-Filament and the print bed.

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