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Configurator for lead screw nuts and -spindles for special dimensions.

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Screw drives are machine elements that convert a rotary motion into a transnational motion. drylin® screw drives are always based on self-lubricating plastic nuts and thus enable a life-long operation without external lubrication. This also makes them completely maintenance-free
The lead screw with trapezoidal thread or high helix thread remains dry during operation and thus offers many advantages: dirt cannot cling to lubricants. Problem-free use in the hygienic areas. Quiet operation with vibration dampening. Different thread types cover a wide range of applications.

Lead screw technology white papers and videos

dryspin® threaded nuts in 5 materials from stock

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free drylin® lead screw nuts made of iglide® material. In trapezoidal and high helix thread, cylindrical design and flange options from stock.

dryspin® SF  

dryspin® technology for high helix threads

Optimized flank angle, quiet and vibration-free operation and long service life thanks to asymmetry

Zero backlash  

High helix threads

Cylindrical high helix nuts without dryspin® technology

Lead screws and nuts  

New - ACME Lead Screws and Nuts

Self-lubricating thermoplastic lead screws and nuts.

Lead screw nuts  

Self-locking trapezoidal thread

Trapezoidal lead screw nuts, right-hand thread, cylindrical with flange, from iglide® J, J350, L280 and A180

Miniature nuts  

Self-locking metric thread

Miniature lead screw nuts, right-hand thread, from iglide® J – lowest wear in dry operation

Nut in flange housing  

Special designs

Spherical lead screw nuts in spherical ball, in bearing housing

Lead screw nut housing  


A retainer can be used for various thread geometry - nearly infinite combination possibilities

Technical data  

Technical data

Find out the technical information on self-lubricating drylin® lead screw modules here.



Faster and simpler designing with file formats for various systems.

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