Assembly Instructions for energy chain® twisterchain®


TwisterChain Assembly

Arrangement of the guide bow on the base

TwisterChain Assembly

Screw the guide with the ground. Screw the fixed point of the twister chain with the guide of the assembly plate

TwisterChain Assembly

The side of the chain directed to the centre of the circular motion will be supported with both spacers. So that the lower run and the upper run of the chain are normal to each other

TwisterChain Assembly

Mounting of the delimitation angle in the middle of the guide

TwisterChain Assenbly

Screw the mounting bracket "fixed point" on the assembly plate

TwisterChain Assembly

Installation of 1 or 2 supports for the upper run. Position and drilling template according to drawing "top view" (photo 5 + 6)

TwisterChain Assembly

Adjustment of the support plate of the support at the angle of the upper run, analogy to step 3

TwisterChain Assembly

Adjustment of the moving end of the twister chain on the machine side moving end - angle of inclination is adjustable


twisterchain® Assembly-Video

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