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motion plastics® for your machine tool

Machine tool manufacturers and their suppliers are confronted with major global challenges. The competition is becoming more intense, the price pressure is becoming greater, as also the demand for local production. igus® has the right solutions at high quality and low cost.
Our solutions:

Ready to install

Maintenance-free solution



Ex-stock worldwide

With predictable service life

igus® solutions for your machine tools

Reduce process costs by 80%

Made-to-measure harnessed cables

Low-Cost Automation

For high dynamics

Light, strong and easily assembled e-chains® and e-tubes

Guide corrugated tubes in parallel

Clipping this device on the e-chain® side plates enables an easy attachment of corrugated tubes.

With integrated sealing, even smaller

chainflex M  
Economical and safe

Low cost solutions with a guaranteed service life of 36 months or 5 million double strokes.

drylin W  
Modular, strong and self-lubricating

Large linear system for maximum design freedom. Robust and long-lasting.

curved rail carriage  
Carriage for curved rail

Carriage for curved rails: automatically adjusts to different rail radii and linear angles.

40% savings potential

Change your bearings now and save up to 40% cost, 60% weight and 100% self-lubricating.

Freely selectable angle of rotation

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free slewing ring bearings: Simply define the rotation angle and retrofit.

Design flexibility with tribo-tape

Excellent suitability for lining of wearing areas surfaces and shapes.

Online tools

With our online tools for all product areas you can find and configure igus® products in minutes

chainflex product finder  
chainflex® product finder

Finding the right cable in just 3 steps.

E-chain expert  
e-chain® expert

Find the right solutions easily and quickly.

readycable product finder  
readycable® product finder

Find assembled drive cables online quickly and easily.

Application examples
Test lab  
29,600 ft² igus® lab

This is where we test our products at extreme temperatures, high dirt exposure or enormous forces. More than 15,000 tests, ranging from noise measurements to chip-proof testing or cable testing in oil, as well as linear guides in a chip solution.

Test lab  

Test lab - Quality from igus®

You can rely on the igus® quality

Applications with a high number of cycles, high speeds and accelerations in demanding environmental conditions require testing to ensure correct functioning, especially for energy chains and cables, as well as polymer plain bearings and linear systems. igus® conducts tests continuously in the in-house laboratory under real conditions. Every year, more than 4000 tests are conducted on e-chains® and cables, and over 10000 tests on plain bearings. The focus of our tests are tensile strengths and shear forces. Coefficients of friction, wear, driving forces and abrasion under extremely different conditions and speeds. Influence coefficients such as dirt, weathering, low temperature, or impacts and shocks are tested.

Current igus® products that can improve your machine tool

Put igus® to the test with samples

New products for your machinery. Request samples now.

Put igus® to the test with samples    


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Products for the machine tools sector

Highest quality for less: igus® products for machine tools

Products for the machine tools sector    
Machine Tools Brochure  

Cable carrier systems for machine tools

Plastics for longer life  

The benefits of triboplastics

Triboplastics are tribologically optimized material compounds and the basis of all igus® products and systems.

Horizontal Guidelok for long cable carrier travels in chip-exposed areas.


The drylin® WJRM Hybrid linear bearing both rolls and slides and is ideal for machine-guard doors.

Joe Ciringione, Product Manager - Cable Carrier Systems  

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We'd like to offer you solutions for your specific application issues. We have a sales engineer covering every area of North America and further afield: all over the globe.

To the QuickPin 2.0 configurator  

QuickPin 2.0

Connector-cable configurator

Select from over 850 chainflex® cables and 3,000 connectors and configure your cables online in just minutes. Order online and generate ePLAN electric P8 macros.

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