Radial Ball Bearings

xiros® radial ball bearings consist of high-performance polymers, whereby stainless steel or glass balls move in the cage. Our radial ball bearings have been tested rigorously within our 41,000 ft.2 test laboratory to ensure long service life, even in coarse environments. Compared to metal bearings, polymer bearings have better wear rates and are corrosion-resistant, and therefore last longer in harsh environments. Their material properties are engineered to adapt to extreme temperatures or speeds, weight restrictions, or spceific hygienic requirements, such as in food processing applications. Polymer radial ball bearings are also up to 40% more cost-effective and 60% lighter than comparable metal bearings. xiros® radial ball bearings are media-resistant, temperature-resistant, and self-lubricating, with no external lubrication required.

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