Easily Install Cables from Inner or Outer Radius

E-Z chains are your solution for easy, quick and efficient cable installation. These one-piece energy chains are designed with split crossbars on either the outer radius (E version) or inner radius (Z version), allowing you to simply push cables through, and are made out of our flexible igumid NB material that comes with a UL94-V2 flammability rating. E-Z chains range from 5mm to 48.5mm of inner height and are available with multiple internal cavities to keep cable packages separated if needed. Due to the lower rigidity of the material, E-Z chains are not suitable for applications with very high loads.


  • Easy and quick to fill from the outside (E version) or inside (Z version)
  • Access to cables without opening or closing lids
  • Cost-effective, one-piece design
  • Dirt-resistant outer contour
  • UL94-V2 flammability rating
  • 5mm to 48.5mm of inner height
General machinery, Clean room application, Electronic equipment, Office furniture, Vending/packaging machine.

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E-Z chain Features

E-Z chain features

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Chains that open on inner radius

EZ chain inner radius

Z045, Z06, Z08, Z14, Z200, Z16, Z26, Z300

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Chains that open on outer radius

EZ chain outer radius

E03, E04, E045, E06, E065, E08, E14, E200, E16, E26, E300

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Tools & Configurators

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CAD Library

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Certifications & Approvals

echain cleanroom

IPA certificate: standard material
ISO Class 2 in accordance with the standard ISO 14644-1, v = 1m/s

echain UL94

UL94-V2 classifications


easy chain with special igumid ESD material as an electrically conductive version available upon request