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Shaft coatings & sprays made from high-strength iglide® polymers

Shaft coatings made from our high-performance polymer materials provides your components with the low wear and excellent sliding properties of iglide® materials. iglide® coatings are essentially a tribologically-optimized polymer in powder form, which can be applied to metallic surfaces via a process known as "powder-coating". From heavily used valves and pistons, to guide rollers in conveyor technology and slewing rings in furniture technology, iglide® shaft coating is an innovative alternative wherever a classic shaft-bearing combination is not possible.

igus® offers two methods for shaft coating:

1. We coat your component for you

metal shaft coating

Send us the metallic component that you want coated.

Request a custom coating now!
iglide shaft coating

We then coat your component with coating powder made from our iglide polymer matierals, reducing the coefficient of friction. 

We coat your component and send it back.

You receive your component back after the time quoted!

2. Coat your component yourself

iglide SLS coating material

Order the coating powder & have it delivered directly from us.

igus shipping

You recieve the shaft coating powder directly from us.


Then, apply the coating to your metal shaft or component.

Tested within the igus® test lab

Like all igus® products, our iglide® shaft coating materials are subjected to rigorous tests within our test laboratory to ensures that they provide you with the longest possible service life:

  • Very good mechanical characteristic values
  • Excellent wear and sliding properties
  • Precise detail in exact surfaces
  • Self-lubricating through incorporated solid lubricants

Verschleißtest für Coating-Werktoffe

Proven with testing

Which iglide coating materials are available?

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Nicole Lang

iglide® Product Manager


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