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iglide AX500: Electrically discharging and extremely robust

iglide AX500 - new food contact material in the high-temperature range

iglide AX500 is a further development of iglide A500, which was able to operate continuously for a long time. What is special about AX500 is that it is a conductive material. In addition, AX500 has an even lower coefficient of wear than its predecessor. The material was specially developed for the food industry and can therefore be used in contact with food products.  


Tech up

Tech up

  • Wear-resistant, high-temperature material
  • EU10/2011 compliant
  • Electrically conductive
  • More wear-resistant than iglide A500
  • Suitable for high operating temperatures

Cost down

Cost down

  • Higher running performance
  • Maintenance-free reduces costs for lubricant and maintenance
  • Cost-effective due to injection molding



In the test, the wear of iglidur A500 and iglide AX500 was investigated in a rotation test, p= 1 MPa, v= 0.3 m/s.

Wear test with V2A shaft

  • iglide A500: 0.49 μm/km
  • iglide AX500: 0.20 μm/km
Wear test with X90 shaft
  • iglide A500: 0.54 μm/km
  • iglide AX500: 0.18 μm/km



  • Environmentally friendly, because no additonal lubricants are required
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore a longer service life
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling

Dosing system with iglidur plain bearings

Thrown into the balance? Or rather, slipped?

We have developed iglide AX500 for this purpose

How do 12 grams of wine gum actually always get into these little bags? So-called dosing systems with highly sensitive mechanisms portion thousands of them in no time. And then it continues via chutes and belts until it reaches the box.  ​

All these mechanisms and slides are subject to wear. iglide AX500 plain bearings help to make  bearing points maintenance-free and durable.  

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