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isense EC.W LoRa Solar

Lifelong condition monitoring

EC.W LoRa separator with solar power supply

No more troublesome battery change. The abrasion status of the sliding feeder is communicated via LoRa radio transmission standard to i. Cee. box or i. Cee. plus.
The energy supply is ensured via the solar panel.   Graduated percentage service life information is implemented across four sensor layers.

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Richard Habering introduces the abrasion sensor EC.W LoRa with solar


  • The LoRa sensor is installed in the specifically designed separator of the energy chain
  • Power supply is ensured due to the solar cells on the crossbar, which makes battery replacement redundant
  • Abrasion is measured in four steps, which allows for an even more precise service life prediction of the energy chain.

EC. W LoRa Solar enquiry
Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Four-level abrasion sensor adjusts the continuous
    service life calculation of the e-chain systems® in
    25% steps.
  • Abrasion sensor
    individually manufactured in an igus® additive manufacturing procedure
  • Battery-buffered solar power supply
  • Regular communication of the abrasion status of the
    sliding feeder on chain side sections by means of LoRa radio transmission standard to or i.Cee.Plus

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • No battery replacement necessary for the entire service life
    of the product
  • Wireless radio transmission means that cable is not needed
    within the e-chain system®

evidence from igus news


  • Ongoing testing in the igus® test laboratory for dynamic energy supply systems, the largest in the world

recycling with igus news


  • Solar cell prevents battery waste
  • Replaceable sensor element enables use of the product
    even if the chain is replaced
  • Recycle integrated energy chain through the igus chainge programme free of charge
  • More on the igus contribution Plastic2Oil

Animation of how EC.W works (general)

illustrates the system in 53 seconds


  • Application areas: gliding applications
  • the crossbar continuously reports chain abrasion, determining service life

Potential application areas

We have developed EC.W LoRa Solar for this purpose

  • Linear robots in the automotive industry
  • Cranes in container logistics
  • Production cranes
  • Machine tools
  • Woodworking machines
  • Plastics machines
  • Bulk handling


Solar separator

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