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Compact linear retraction system TR.RSEC.60

Save costs and weight

The new igus® system TR.RSEC.60 is a small, compact and above all lightweight retraction system for guiding cables and media on robots with low payloads.  Thanks to the type of the retraction system and the expansion to size 60 triflex® R, several cables and media with larger diameters can now be guided safely on the robot.

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Product image TR.RSEC.60

Tech up

Tech up

  • System weight of only 2.2kg
  • Up to 290mm of retraction length
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Prevention of loop formation on the axes 4-6
  • Fixed end of the e-chain® can be freely placed due to the linear design

cost down

Cost down

  • High running performance
  • Reduction of downtimes, maintenance-free
  • Modular design to the TR.RSE.40 and TR.RSE.50 retraction systems



  • 78% lighter and 45% smaller than the TR.RSE.60 system
  • 40% more cost-effective compared to the TR.RSE.60 system
  • Tested in the igus® laboratory



  • Environmentally friendly by dispensing with lubricants,
  • sustainable production, long service life

Why was it developed?


  • With the 60 size, even more filling than with the 50 size can be safely guided.
  • The very low weight of only 2.2kg for the retraction system enables robots with low load capacity to achieve maximum filling.        
  • Typical applications are handling and palletising

Product image TR.RSEC.60

News presentation of the TR.RSEC.60


  • Attachment points for installation
  • Disassembly of the dress pack 
  • Operation over the 300mm
  • The weight of the system on a scale

triflex® R for Multi-Axis Robotic Cable Management

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