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External robolink® D rotary axis circular

robolink D joint for UR robots Certified for Universal Robots Plus.

Expand your UR robot's working area

The external robolink® D rotary axis allows circular workpiece movements. They are also often called slewing rings, rotary indexing tables or rotary tables, and allow continuous transport to various stations in a single work step. The radius of robot action is extended, making robots much more flexible in their applications. The rotary axis is driven electromechanically by a stepper motor via a gearbox with 48:1 transmission.  

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Tech up with igus news

Improve technology

  • Very light due to igus high-performance polymers
  • Extremely compact for integration into the robotics as an external rotary axis
  • Ready to install, including motor and D1 dryve motor control system
  • Mechanical service life: min. 1,000,000 cycles

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Cost-effective due to use of polymer
  • Quick and easy adaptation into robotics as an external rotary axis
  • Compatible with robot systems of other robot manufacturers, including Universal Robots

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  • Easy assembly in seconds
  • Maintenance-free through the use of self-lubricating igus polymers

recycling with igus news


  • Completely lubrication-free operation

Rotary axis for Universal Robots

Expand your UR robot's working area
with certified igus® products

External robolink® D rotary axis

The UR+-certified rotary axis expands the universal robot work area. Integration into the UR CAP control system is with a plug-and-play solution or, as desired, with a ready-to-connect switch cabinet.
You get everything from a single source: energy chains suitable for the UR robots, connection cables and a rotary axis

Seventh axis for UR robots with drylin® ZLW

In addition to the rotary axis, igus® offers the drylin® linear axis for expanding UR robot work area. 
What you get: a toothed belt axis, UR adapter kit, gearbox and motor, energy chains – with UR cap integration upon request.

  • Stroke lengths of up to 3000mm are standard. More strokes (up to 6000mm) are possible upon request

seventh axis for robots

UR CAP integration

UR CAP + switch cabinet integration

for drylin seventh axis and external rotary axis

Ready-to-connect, plug-and-play solution for simple integration of a seventh axis or external rotary axis into Universal Robots with UR CAP.
Part number:

  • DLE-UR-0001 (seventh axis)
  • DLE-UR-0002 (rotary axis)

Technical data on the external rotary axis

Part number: RL-D-50-A210

  • Installation size: 50
  • Transmission: 48:1
  • Motor: NEMA23XL motor kit with encoder and connector


RL-D-50-A0210 STEP data
TruLifter operating instructions

worm gears

drygear® worm gear in various installation sizes

available with and without motor

  • Available transmissions: 48:1, 70:1
  • The centre hole remains free for the feed-through of cables and so on.
  • Standard motor option: stepper motor NEMA23/NEMA23XL
  • INI kit for zero position optionally adaptable
  • Possible field of application: vertical adjustments, robot gearboxes
Please contact us if you need other translations or motors.

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