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Sandblasted xiros® aluminium guide roller

Sandblasted xiros® aluminium guide roller

More grip than a smooth aluminium surface

We are expanding our guide roller range, adding a sandblasted aluminium roller that is available in all typical diameters: 20cm, 30cm, 38cm, 50cm and 60cm. The main advantage of this roller variant lies in the sandblasted surface, which means that air cannot get under the film and a greater grip is achieved compared to a smooth aluminium surface. It is currently being used by our customers in the labelling and packaging industries. For other application options, contact our experts.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Up to 50% less air under the film and 30% more grip compared to smooth aluminium surface

Cost down

Cost down

  • Ready-to-install system eliminates expensive in-house production





  • No lubrication necessary, so no environmental pollution
  • Our sustainability website

Extremely smooth running

The sand-blasted xiros guide roller solves the problem of high labeller roller breakaway torque. In addition, our rollers in gravity conveyors (transport rollers) ensure the lowest possible rolling resistance. Metallic solutions reach their limits in terms of rolling resistance due to their lubrication. Our polymer ball bearings do not need any additional lubrication. They do not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant and assure with smooth operation. This is the decisive advantage for our customers! Krones AG is already successfully using maintenance-free polymer ball bearings in its guide rollers, which are used as film guide rollers. Not only are freedom from lubricants and maintenance important success factors, but also the saving of valuable assembly time. Our guide rollers arrive pre-assembled and are delivered from one source.

Film deflection at Krones AG

"Decisive for us here is the smooth running of the ball bearings in the guide rollers. In the past, we used metal bearings here. However, this was not light enough, sometimes making the complete roll stop and the label band would slip over it."
Sören Meissner, Design Engineer for Inspection and Labelling Technology at Krones AG

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