triflex R® multi-axis cable carriers

Design features include:

  • Multi-dimensional movement

  • High tensile strength thanks to ball-and-socket joints

  • Easy assembly, installation and maintenance

  • Small bending radii

  • Optional fiber rod for spring loading

Typical industries and applications:
  • Robotics / automation

  • Machine tools

  • Handling machines - 6-axis

  • Packaging machines

  • General mechanical engineering, etc.

Multi-axis cable carrier for robots  

triflex® RS dress pack

Universal module for all movements on a robot

  • One package for all applications, ready to install

  • Integrated fiber rods to re-track cables

  • First choice for robotic applications with limited space

  • Low profile, closely routed along the robotic arm

  • Excellent service life

  • Universal applications


    triflex® R

    System selection & mounting brackets
    More information  
    triflex® R - TRC

    Multi-axis cable carrier in the original, fully closed design.

    More information  
    triflex® R - TRE

    Mult-axis cable carrier, easy-fill design for rapid cable installation.

    More information  
    triflex® R - TRL

    Multi-axis cable carrier, a lightweight, economical alternative incorporating the easy-fill design.

    Standard mounting brackets  
    Standard mounting brackets

    For TRC / TRE / TRL. Available with strain reliefs or as an intermediate link.

    Light duty mounting brackets  
    Light duty mounting brackets

    Standard for the TRL version. Also compatible with other triflex® R styles (TRC/TRE). Economical and lightweight.

    triflex® R

    Assemblies & accessories
    triflex® R fiber rod modules  
    Fiber rod module

    Create pretension wherever necessary to keep triflex® R out of work areas.

    triflex® R universal installation kit  
    Universal installation kit

    Allows the attachment of fiber rod modules in any given position, relative to the robotic arm.

    triflex® R FlexBar  

    For robotic applications with extreme movements in the 4th to 6th axis.

    triflex® R abrasion protectors  
    Abrasion protectors

    For maximum cycle life in heavy duty applications with hard impacts and movement against the robot.

    triflex® R heat shield  
    Heat shield

    Protection against weld and metal splatter up to 1,082°F short term. Ends are elasticized for sealing.

    Robot cable  
    Robot cables

    Specially designed cables for torsional movements in robotic applications.

    triflex® R

    Support & Services
    Selection and filling  
    Selection and filling

    Tips on how to fill triflex® R with all cables and hoses while leaving the right amount of clearance

    3D CAD  
    3D CAD

    Generate 3D-CAD files

    triflex® R readychain®  
    triflex® R readychain®

    Hose package for robots. Ready-assembled packages in 3 to 10 days.

    triflex® R quality  
    triflex® R quality

    igus® products are quality tested daily

    triflex® R

    Read application examples  

    Application examples demonstrating how triflex® R cable carrier systems are currently being used.

    Download brochure (PDF)  

    Download the triflex® R product brochure.

    igus® video demos  

    Videos demonstrating triflex® R cable carriers and accessories.

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