drylin® ZLW - belt drive

Linear belt drive  

drylin® belt drive actuators were developed to quickly position small loads. They are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and compact.

At a glance:

Developed for high-speed applications with low loads

Extremely cost-effective versus ball bearing drive systems

Work well in dirty, dusty environments and clean environments

Better for high accelerations than ball bearings

Low-temperature and underwater versions available

Quiet operation


drylin® ZLW belt drives are an extension of the drylin® W modular linear guide range.


LCB ('Low Cost Basic')Low cost basic version using a glass-reinforced neoprene belt. Meant for lower loads and speeds than version S ('Standard').

UW ('Underwater') Specially made for underwater applications

S ('Standard') Standard table with steel-reinforced polyurethane belt, enhance pulley system and other components for higher speeds and loads than version LCB.

LT ('Low Temperature') Low temperature version for temperatures as low as -7.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical information

Product configurator and lifetime calculator - with our without motor

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DryLin® ZLW - belt drive options
DryLin® ZLW 1040 belt drive  


The drylin® ZLW-1040 belt drive is an ideal solution for many positioning functions. The height is just 45 mm and it handles loads up to 300 N and speeds up to 5 m/s.

DryLin® ZLW 0630 belt drive  


The drylin® ZLW-0630 belt drive is for easy adjustment and positioning functions in restricted spaces. The height is just 31 mm and it handles loads up to 150 N and speeds up to 2 m/s.

Cantilever axis belt drive  

ZAW-1040 - cantilever axis

Lightweight and ideal for applications where you want the rail to move and the carriage to remain static, such as Z-axis applications.

Opposite drive belt drive for bi-directional movement  

ZLW-1040-OD - opposite drive

Two carriage opposite drive for bi-directional movement.


drylin® ZLW - mounting options

The drylin® linear axis ZLW can be fastened in many ways.

drylin® ZLW - mounting options    
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