Heavy-Duty Bearings & Cable Carriers

  • Dry-running, dirt & dust-resistant plastic bearings
  • Maintenance-free, vibration damping cable carriers
  • Corrosion-resistant shafting for harsh environments

Heavy load up to 15 tons possible with polymer bearings

heavy duty bearing iglide G application
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Plastic bearings in farm fertilizing equipment

heavy duty bearing iglide G application 2
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Cable carriers withstand vibration and dirt

heavy duty cable carrier E4 application

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iglide® G

iglide G bearings
  • High wear resistance
  • Resitant to dirt and dust
  • Cost-effective
  • Over 650 sizes available from stock

iglide® Q2

iglide Q2 heavy duty bearing
  • The durable heavy duty bearing
  • Wear resistant and dimensionally stable at high loads
  • Good price/performance ratio

iglide® Q3E

iglide Q3E heavy duty bearing
  • Suitable for use under extreme loads 
  • Cost-effective thanks to injection molding
  • Self-lubricating dry operation eliminates the need for lubricants

igutex® TX1

igutex TX1
  • Excellent load bearing capacity under high radial loads
  • Good abrasion resistance & liquid media resistance

igutex® TX3

igutex TX3 heavy duty bearing
  • Lowest wear rates under extreme dry running conditions
  • No external lubrication; reduced maintenance
  • Long service life due to low wear

GKF shafting

GKF shafting for heavy duty applications
  • 3x the corrosion resistance of zinc, nickel, and chrome plating
  • Specially designed for aggressive environments with dirt, dust, and corrosion

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Heavy-Duty Cable Carriers

E4.1 Series

heavy duty cable carrier E4.1 series
  • Low-noise operation
  • Numerous interior separation options available
  • Max. travel distance over 656 ft

E4Q Series

heavy duty cable carrier E4Q series
  • Optional noise damping
  • Vertical and horizontal stop-dogs
  • 10% less weight due to material recesses

Hybrid YE Series

heavy duty cable carrier hybrid YE series
  • 50% lighter than pure steel chain
  • 50% longer unsupported length than pure plastic chain

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