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XY tables for multi-direction drylin® SLW-XY

... Ready to install for surfaces ...

With linear modules, precise adjustment of a position on a work surface can be carried out. With the drylin® SLW-XY tables, this now becomes easier. igus has developed ready-to-install XY tables suitable for your desired work surface.

  • Only 1 unit for two adjusting directions
  • For a work surface of up to 500mmx500mm
  • Same stroke lengths or individual configuration
  • Accessories will be delivered at the same time
The SLW-XY tables are available in 4 sizes. Components from the drylin® W linear system are used as linear guide.

SLW-XY table drylin E from igus

XY tables with lead screw drive for manual adjustment

The new SLW-XY-16120

New size with wide support

  • Efficient dryspin® lead screw technology
  • Max. stroke length: 500mm
  • Wider support due to wide drylin® W profile
  • Lead screw mounted on plain bearings or ball bearings (BB version)

Improve technology with igus®

Tech up

  • Only one unit for multi-direction
  • For positioning in a working space of up to 500x500mm
  • 8 system widths in 4 sizes
  • New installation size SLW-XY-16120 with wide support and efficient dryspin® lead screw technology

Reduce costs with igus®

Cost down

  • Reduced construction effort thanks to ready-to-install delivery
  • Both adjustments integrated in one linear unit
  • Easy configuration involving lead screw clamping, position indicator and hand wheel
  • Linear guide from the drylin® W linear system
  • Drive from the dryspin® modular system for lead screw technology

igus® demonstrates how it works!


  • Area ratio (installation height/work surface) always ≤ 2
  • Stroke lengths suitable for working spaces of up to 500x500mm
  • Tested: trapezoidal thread Tr14x4 (SLW-XY-1660), dynamic axial load 500, stroke length 200mm, feed rate 0.4m/min, speed 100 rpm, min. service life 62,863 double strokes

Plastic to Oil - igus® is sustainable


  • 100% lubrication and maintenance-free
  • One component instead of two
  • Self-lubricating bearing points made of igus® polymers for clean and hygienic operation
  • Find out more about igus sustainability at: Plastic2Oil

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