drylin® linear Actuators

drylin® linear actuators

Belt-driven, Screw-driven & Electric Linear Actuators

  • Grease-free operation
  • Low-cost & lightweight
  • Wide selection of materials
  • Motors & drive controls available
  • Quieter than recirculating ball bearings

Design a Custom Actuator

Linear Actuator Configurator

Linear Actuator Configuator

Screw-driven Configurator

Screw-Driven Configurator

CAD Library

CAD Library

Shop drylin® linear, lead screw and belt-driven actuators

drylin® SLW
  • Low-cost and low-profile
  • Support rails give added torsion-resistance
  • Available in stainless steel and X-Y configurations
drylin® electric linear actuators
  • Easy online configuration tool
  • Many liner, shaft and nut material options
  • Available in stainless steel and X-Y configurations
drylin® ZLW - belt drive
  • Ideal for low load/high-speed applications
  • Low-cost and lightweight
  • Also available as 2 or 3-axis gantries

Shop Linear Actuator Accessories

Linear Slide Bearings
  • Compatible with standard ball bearings
  • Interchangeable liners
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Durable and dirt-resistant
Lead Screw Systems
  • Lead screw nuts
  • Flanged lead screw nuts
  • Stainless-steel or aluminum lead screws
  • Accessories for specific requirements
linear actuator accessories
  • Stepper motors
  • Direct current motors (DC)
  • Motor controllers

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