triflex® Cable Carrier Applications

triflex® and E-Z triflex® energy chain for 3D movements

The triflex® series has been developed to guide cables safely during 3D movements.

Typical applications include:

  • Machine tools
  • Robots
  • Handling equipment
  • Material handling
  • Construction equipment
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Cable management for offices

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Triflex assembly line E-Z triflex® and E2 Medium energy chains in an assembly line.
Automotive assembly line Robots with E-Z triflex® energy chain Cable Carriers in an assembly line at an automotive manufacturing plant.
3D Triflex triflex® Cable Carrier moving through three different dimensions.
Triflex cable carrier in machining center triflex® cable carriers inside a machining center.
cable carrier for control panel triflex® cable carrier as an unsupported connection from machine to control panel.

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